Meet Me

My name is Kate Lewis and I am a sophomore, Communication Studies major, at Furman University. I arrived in Greenville, South Carolina last August after making the boldBeach pic  decision to transfer from Florida State University, leaving behind the “big state school” experience I had always dreamed of. Before heading south for my college career, I grew up in East Hampton, NY, an only child living with my mom, my dad, three dogs, and two cats. My favorite things include, but are not limited to, Mexican food, french fries, ice cream, cats, and Adele. I like to describe myself as a consistently driven individual, whose goofy side slips out throughout everyday encounters.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI created Flawed with Grace to promote self-confidence for women of all ages. Lets be real. The pressures we females face on a day-to-day basis are brutal. We’ll never feel as pretty or perfect as the girls all the boys are chasing after, or as thin as the best friend who can eat countless amounts of cajun fries, still managing to maintain her weight.  It is time for us to give up. We will never be those girls, nor do we want to be. We can’t be perfect, as hard as that might be to comprehend.

As a recovering perfectionist, I am intensely passionate about finding the beautiful in the “uglies” we face in our lives. Perfection is a hard thing to achieve because it is unachievable. I want to help you discover ways to improve the quantity and quality of your life. Let me and Flawed with Grace be a part of your journey.






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