Then and Now

Changing Times

The world in which we live in is one of constant change, significantly different from that of a year ago, or even that of yesterday. This is a result of technology, and the progressions and advancements it is continuously making.

Steve Jobs: The man, the myth, the legend in all aspects of digital media. 

Our society is finding itself in a position in which people must adapt to this new environment, acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to keep up in the virtual world. These skills are referred to as “digital literacies,” and are necessary for one to navigate their way through the digital realm our world is transforming into.


Digital Literacy is defined as “the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content using information technologies and the Internet.” However it is so much more than just these technological “know-how’s;” it includes a complex set of cognitive, motor, sociological, and emotional skills, that are needed in order to function effectively and succeed in the digital world. Under the umbrella of digital literacy falls a wide range of skills, many of which I have been exposed to in my Digital Communications class this semester.

Everyone has their own opinion as to which literacies are most important to be comprehended. 

These skills are ones in which our society should be knowledgeable of, as their understanding will help them to survive in the digital age our world is experiencing.


Six of the facets of digital literacy I believe society should be aware of are:

  1. Media Literacy: The ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and produce media through the understanding and appreciation of the digital concept.
  1. Technology Literacy: Ranging from basic computer skills to more complex tasks like editing a film or writing a computer code.
  1. Information Literacy: The ability to access information when needed, know how to find it, and then how to critically evaluate and apply it.
  1. Visual Literacy: The ability to understand and produce visual messages,  essential for learning and communicating in today’s society.
  1. Communication Literacy: the ability to think, organize, and connect with others in a networked society.
  1. Social Literacy: the ability and skills needed to collaborate, engage, and network in a digital society

My Own Experience

I had no idea what to expect coming into my first day of Digital Communications, only that it was a class I was required to take as a Communication Studies major. What I most definitely did not expect was to take away so much from a course in just four short months. From this course, I have been presented with an overwhelming amount of information and knowledge regarding to the world of digital media. Through my journey, I have discovered the power and influence digital media has on our society, and through the projects I have created, realized the capabilities and opportunities of expressing oneself through the digital world can present themselves with.

My Blog

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.39.16 PM
Flawed with Grace is my outlet for talking about a part of my life I have never really expressed before. 

Although I at first had a hard time picking my topic, as I have never before been one to share myself with others through the internet, I picked the fighting perfectionism because I knew it was a topic that I could speak directly from the heart. I was able to acquire the basic skills for setting up a WordPress page, as well as how to write correctly and concisely for a digital audience.


Furman Focused

Although I redid my entire video between the last two blog checks we had in class, I was overly satisfied with the ending result. I learned how to work with video and audio editing softwares I had never been exposed to before. I was able to express myself in a visual way unlike anything I have ever done.

My Personal Website

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.41.59 PM.png
The theme behind my personal website was to be very “clean and bright”

I see the opportunity I had to create my own personal brand and online image through m
y personal website as begin the biggest take away from the class. Through all of my projects, but especially this particular one, I was able to define myself and my characteristics exactly how I want my audience, whether it be potential employers, friends, or just my mom.

Digital Communications was a learning experience, one I am so fortunate to have had. The skills I acquired from taking this course are ones I will carry with me for the rest of my career, not only helping me to survive, but to succeed in this ever-changing digital age.


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