Happiness Is Key, but Friendship is the Key to Happiness

Looking back a year ago from now, I am amazed at how drastically my life has changed.

When I was feeling so alone, my mom made many visits up to Tallahassee to visit me.

This time last year, I was in the middle of my freshman year at Florida State University, trying to cover up the fact that I had no friends, was feeling very insecure with myself, and felt miserable with the decision I had made in colleges. I had come to college with one agenda on my mind, besides make good grades of course ;), and that agenda was to make friendships I would have for the rest of my life. But by mid-march, I had yet to find anyone that I felt I truly connected with. I felt alone in a sea of 40,000 others, struggling each day to keep going as I dealt with some pretty tough personal and family issues (I’ll spare you the dreadful details). Feeling by myself, my  self-esteem vanished completely before my own eyes.

Manasota Key is an island off the coast of Florida about 40 minutes south of Sarasota.

All New High, Or All New ALONE?

Due to my lack of friends, I wasn’t included in any of the crazy Spring Break plans the rest of my sorority pledge class was included in. I instead travelled 5 hours south to my grandma’s beach house in Manasota Key. I spent  break with my mom, sitting on the beach all day. Don’t get me wrong, I love the woman and most certainly came back to school with a nice tan, but as a freshman in college, I would have preferred to have spent my time with people a little closer in age.

 Same Place, Better People

This year for Spring Break, I returned to that same beach house, however  I wasn’t just with my mom (she only spent the first two nights because she wanted a vacation herself!) This year, I returned with friends. Not only friends, but my best friends. In just a few short months, I have found the friends I dreamed of having when I was feeling so alone at Florida State.

They keep me young, but more importantly happy.

These girls, have become such a huge part of my life in such a short span of time, and as corny as this is going to sound, it is through them I learned to be happy again, after what felt like rock bottom. These girls mean the world to me, and it is through them I realized how importance friends are in one’s life.

Everyone needs a support system other than their family. True friends are there for you through the ups and downs, the beautiful and the ugly, and will always be there for you when you need a helping hand, or in my case a late night trip for a Cookout milkshake. This time last year if you were to tell me I would one day have friends like these,  I would have called you crazy. However here I am today, blessed with the two greatest friends one could ask for, excited for the many wonderful memories, and peanut butter fudge milkshakes there are to come.

Although nothing too extreme, this year’s Spring Break, truly was one to remember. Take a look for yourself:





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