Let’s Get Moving

We all are guilty of it. We sit down to go on the computer, whether it be to type up a paper, check our Facebook page, or binge watch our latest Netflix addiction, and before we know it hours have gone by. Hours of our eyes pinned to a rectangular sheet of glass. Hours of our bodies sitting still, while the rest of the world keeps moving around us.

Sitting still for a long period of time is just not good for us. It stops our brain from functioning to its full potential, and even though we think we are accomplishing the task at hand, we would be even more productive if we got up and moved.

As emphasized in Austin Kleon’s book, Steal Like An Artist, movement is key to accomplishing one’s work. “We need to move,” Kleon states. “Work that comes from your head isn’t any good.” In order to get our creative juices flowing, we need to be active. You can’t accomplish anything if you just sit at a desk all day letting a technological device do everything for you. Yeah your finished work might be pretty decent, but I can almost guarantee it could have been better. To improve the efficiency and quality of our work, we need the incorporation of movement.

Taylor Swift knows how to get her move on!                     Source: GIPHY

Now how you get moving is completely up to you.  Whether it be doodling on a notepad that you have sitting next to your computer, or getting up and walking around every half hour, we need to make sure we are not just sitting still. Here, Buzzfeed gives us a great example of how we can get a decent workout in while we watch our Netflix show of choice!

One Step at a Time

When writing, one suggestion Kleon has is separating your creative station from your digital station. Do all of your brainstorming on a notepad, or anything that involves physically writing out your ideas. Once you are complete, you can then sit down and transport it into the computer. Physically writing out our work gives us greater freedom when it comes down to expressing our ideas, whereas a computer is limiting.

Olivia Newton-John can teach us a thing or two about staying in motion.               Source: Pati’s way thru life

Tom Gauld describes it as, “Once the computer is involved, things are on an inevitable path to being finished.” Handwriting gives us endless opportunities. In the words of Olivia Newton John, LETS GET PHYSICAL!

So think twice the next time you sit down to go on a computer. Is the computer absolutely necessary? If so, find a way to incorporate activity!


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